Monday, May 28, 2012

Teacher - Making Money

Want some money?
Teacher keeps taking it to the next level, and then takes it even further! Teacher's latest piece of art is a 3d mold of a 'Teach Love' coin. Teacher sculpted the mold himself and makes the coins out of casting compound. He then hand paints the pieces to get ready for the streets.

 Teacher will place some of the coins around the streets of LA. These will be stuck up with temporary tacky adhesive, and anyone who finds one is encouraged to take the coin home. But if you want to make sure and get some money, Teacher is generously offering a limited edition of the 2" coins for free. Just email him at for a chance to get some free coin!

 Dig it. Stay money~


  1. counterfeiting money. illegal

    1. Yes, counterfeiting money, illegal. What does that have to do with this?