Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tastes-Like-Hate Artist Sentenced

The artist who painted 'Tastes Like Hate' on the side of a Chik-fil-A restaurant, Manny Castro, was just sentenced to community service and fined for his actions.

Castro painted the vandalism on the side of a Chik-fil-A location in Torrance in response to the owner of the chain speaking out in support of institutions that fight against gay rights.   Castro's vandalism received international coverage, and fueled the conversation about which is a greater crime--bigotry or vandalism?

In our book bigotry is a much more heinous offense, but until the morality police show up, vandalism is the only one that warrants an official punishment.  

You can check out the original piece HERE.  Read about his arrest HERE.  And more on the charges HERE.   And browse the full press release below to see the extent of Castro's slap on the wrist:

A West Hollywood artist who admitted vandalizing a
Torrance Chick-fil-A restaurant with the words ``Tastes Like Hate'' in protest
of the company president's comments against same-sex marriage pleaded no
contest today to a misdemeanor vandalism charge and was sentenced to three
years probation.
Manuel Castro Jr., 31, was also barred from possessing any paint, paint
brushes, spray paint, aerosol cans or vandalism tools outside his home,
according to Torrance Assistant City Attorney Patrick Sullivan.
Castro was also ordered to perform 200 hours of community service, pay
$400 in fines plus penalties and a $419 booking fee. He also must stay away
from all Chick-fil-A restaurants while on probation, Sullivan said.
In exchange for Castro's no-contest plea, a misdemeanor charge of
possession of vandalism tools was dismissed. Castro was not in court for the
hearing, and the plea was entered on his behalf by his attorney.
A restitution hearing was set for Jan. 9, Sullivan said.
Castro painted the words ``Tastes Like Hate'' with the stenciled image
of a cow holding a paint brush on an exterior wall of the restaurant in the
early morning hours of Aug. 3. Castro was arrested Aug. 8 after giving a
statement to an online news publication claiming responsibility for the

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