Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Best Sticker Artist of the Year - Kings of Los Angeles~

For 2012's Best Sticker Artist of the Year, M&F is taking it old school back to the roots of graffiti.  Back in the pre-internet days, the only way to get your name known all over the city was to get up all over the city.  Those who got up city wide would be crowned Kings of Los Angeles.  Well, there are still some Kings of Los Angeles, and the Best Sticker Artist of the Year goes to 3 such Kings, Blind One & Back One UAO RK and Arson.  

Even though this award is for Sticker Artist of the Year, these are all graffiti writers who use stickers to slap tag the city.  All 3 of these artists also tag ferociously and Arson paints graffiti a lot as well, but stickers are their main medium used in smashing every corner in LA.  These artists' passion, determination, and reach can not be questioned.  Every time M&F ventured to a new area, we were continually amazed at how we would always find evidence that these artists had already rolled through.  These guys get up and hold down spots.  From Hollywood to Downtown.  From Long Beach to Chatsworth.  From Venice to Pasadena.  Walk down your block, its there.  These guys get up all over.  Literally.  Blind One, Back One, and Arson are M&F's Sticker Artists of the Year 2012 and modern Kings of Los Angeles.  Stay up!~

Special shout out to many more Sticker Artists who did some amazing things on the streets of Los Angeles this year.  Honorable mention to HNTR, Asmar, Plavex, Rotting Fresh Crew, 455er, PCH Crew, Join the Surveillance, Branded RTH, Bankrupt Slut, Love Krew, BNW, 125er, REM Crew, 2much, Batle, Gone, Half, and Plzr.

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