Sunday, January 13, 2013

CAN'TSTOPGOODBOY - The 13th Installation

CAN'TSTOPGOODBOY presents a new art show entitled 'The 13th Installation'.

The action goes down Friday, January 25th at the Pop Tart Gallery.  Full details can be found on the flyer, and click the jump for CSGB's full press release.

Friday January 25, 7-11 PM

Luck or fortune (whether good or bad) has often been thought of as actions that arise without one’s own intention or desired result. Rather than appropriating luck to this prescriptive idea ruled by a god or a “lucky” symbol (i.e. the rabbits foot or four leaf clover), the artist expands on luck as a descriptive entity in a body of work based on a fortuitous year. In this series, the artist combines the idea of numerology and juxtaposes it
 with the traditional “unlucky” number 13 as it relates to the coming year, 2013.

In “The Lucky 13,” cantstopgoodboy promotes the workmanship of creating art within his own perspective. Luck is not conveyed as a magical force that shines down on select artists, but is conveyed in his art and colorized to his own form and style; creating a body of work which paints a picture of success. It doesn’t require a lottery ticket or a charm to be lucky, but instead a dedication and passion to the belief system that embodies the finished piece. Consequently creating the luck one needs to be recognized as an artist.

In "The 13th Installation," artist CANSTOPGOODBOY will turn the exhibition into an installation. The gallery that has housed the 13 pieces of work exclusive to the idea of "The Lucky 13," will now have an installation feel that brings the whole work to a new level. Don't miss, "The 13th Installation," before it leaves The Pop tART Gallery in a one-night only experience. 

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