Saturday, January 5, 2013

Livin in LA - Vacation at Summerland Beach

Summerland Beach is absolutely exquisite.  It feels like a natural beach with the coast sloping down to the beach from the highway.

^Above are two older lovers enjoying the beach view.

^A nice little park sits above the beach itself.

 ^The beach from above.

^There was a DOA tag at the bathroom.  Think this is an LA graffiti crew.

^Shasta sniffs around at the park, and this hole is evidence of what she's looking for.

^The path down to the beach.

^Annnnd, the beach!

^BTNC sticker on the way down.

^Such a gorgeous beach!  This is Old California~

 ^The rock formations at Summerland Beach are stunning.

^Ugh.  Another example of when it says 'Drains to Ocean'--this is where it comes out!

This pipe actually had putrid green water coming out and into the ocean.  Gross.

^Tags on the wall from Slaer and Moth.

^There are a few homes right on Summerland Beach, including this house sitting off by itself.  Talk about living in paradise!

^People riding horses on Summerland Beach.

^A footprint of the future.

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