Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snyder's Drip Paint Projects

Over time, the most active street art walls will build up with so much paint that the layers can be measured in inches.  Well, Snyder has his own version of this going on in his studio.

Snyder's signature drip technique is a paint heavy process, and this is clearly evident as Snyder hold's up paint brushes the size of broom handles, pennies dripped half as big as a fist, and magnets covered with the beautiful mess--not to mention the mountains of build up on the table itself.

And, very cool to see how Snyder has developed his own signature style.  Indeed, he is known around Carlsbad by those who don't know his name as 'that drip artist'.  Dig it~

Click the jump to check out Snyder's drip paint side project creations-

^This is Snyder's table, which has literally built up with mountains of dripped paint.  This is not a quick process and the effect is accumulated over a long time.

^Snyder's stickers ride under the table.

^These brushes are what Snyder uses to dip and apply the drips.  That is, until the brushes gather so much paint until they are unrecognizable.

^An assortment of drip side projects including a magnet, a pencil, and a stack of 4 pennies.

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  1. Ummm his own signature style? ever heard of Jackson Pollock?