Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Studio Visit with Snyder

M&F was finally able to get a chance to stop by Snyder's art studio.  Snyder is one of the most passionate artists around, and the best way to experience the full extent of Snyder's passion is to visit Snyder's studio.

Snyder's studio is a garage that is hung floor to ceiling with his art.  The viewing experience was more akin flipping through a book a photographs than merely looking at art, because each and every piece hung on Snyder's walls has a deeply personal story.  Each and every painting reinforces the theme that this art is Snyder's life.  And vice versa.  Oscar Wilde once said, "My days are my sonnets . . . ", and likewise, Snyder's paintings are his.

Snyder's studio also had great energy.  When M&F got to Snyder's place, he was busy working on an art project, and as soon as we joined him in his studio Shasta gave a big 'Huff!' and flopped down on the floor with a smile on her face.  Dog's sense energy, and Shasta can tell  that this is a place where good things happen.

The studio felt more like a factory than any other artist's studio that we've been to.  Maybe factory is not the right word, but Snyder's studio had the feeling that it is always busy and churning out new projects faster than most artist's can brainstorm ideas.

It really was something cool to see, so check out the pics to experience a little bit of Snyder's world below~

^Above, Snyder is posing next to a self portrait of himself, and below his original iconic logo, the pretty dandelion (which we would later see more of on the streets of Carlsbad!)

^Each and every painting has a different personal story for Snyder.  Snyder often revisits the image of 'Same O', a homeless man from Carlsbad.  Same O has now passed away, but it was fun to here the many stories Snyder has celebrating Same O.

^Shasta sitting there smiling in Snyder's studio!

^We didn't realize until visiting Snyder that surfing is a very big part of his life with style.

^This newspaper article about Snyder using art to build community in Carlsbad has been used for the base of Snyder's self portrait.

^This pic shows one of the most famous skateboarding spots in the world, and it was at Snyder's old school where he used to sit and enjoy this same view.

^This is actually another self portait of Snyder portraying himself as a young boy learning to draw from watching The Simpsons.

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