Friday, March 1, 2013

Sometimes Street Art Interaction Can Be a Good Thing

There is a difference between a street art interaction and a cap.  A cap aims to cover over and demean a piece, while an interaction seeks to do just that, interact with the piece in some way.

The thing is, sometimes artists who are on the receiving end of a street art interaction can view it as a cap of sorts, and there have been a few recent cases of unwanted street art interactions where one street artist has placed a piece and then another street artist has put another head over the top of that one.

Well, here is a street art interaction that seems to be done in a good way in that it interacts with the piece and arguably improves the piece through that interaction.

In Silverlake, Bandit has added his 'street art' to a dripping street heart piece.  Bandit tags 'Street Art' over the middle of the heart and places a Native American holding his hand tenderly on the heart.

Dig it.  It seems unlikely that whoever painted the hearts would be offended by this.  Do other folks agree that this seems to be a good street art interaction?


  1. It's freaking awesome!

  2. Thanks guys! Appreciate it