Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Street Art Romance - YKMF & There She Is They Live/They Love

In case viewers hadn't hadn't noticed, There She Is and You Killed Me First always get up on the streets together.  Its because these two are a team made up of real life lovers.

The way that these two share their love of street art together is a beautiful thing.  Each paints completely different yet colorful and complimentary hand painted pieces.  Each artist has a style of their own, still the pieces always look great together.  It is a beatufiful thing, like a healthy relationship where each part brings a component to make the entire thing better as a whole.

The splashes of color that these two bring are some of M&F's favorite on the streets of LA.  Below are some assorted love themed pieces around Melrose from YKMF and There She Is, sent in from M&F contributor Mohamed.  Dig it.  Stay up~