Monday, May 6, 2013

No Brits at Brit Week

The festivities for Britweek went down last weekend in Santa Monica.  But as far as the street art was concerned, there were no Brits at Briweek (and technically no street art, either).

Two famous British graffiti artists Eine and Inkie were supposed to show up, but neither did.  Instead, it was only LA based Mear One and Man One painting canvases on the street.

M&F's on the scene correspondent/contributor Bill said that the Brit Week street art scene was disappointing.  He described it like this: "So we have Man One and Mear One doing canvases. It was typical "Downtown Santa Monica, Inc."  No signage as to who was who or what was what. No background info. No stickers No handouts. Man One had left and Mear One was on a break.  The woman who was hanging around the exhibit didn't know crap about what was going on - or care."

It seems surprising that since Downtown Santa Monica was a primary sponsor yet the street art was painted on canvases and not on walls.  Bill joked that Santa Monica should have stuck with Cinco de Mayo, instead.

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