Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Drive By Graffiti and Street Art - Los Angeles

M&F has been using the term 'drive-by' to describe when we have combined a lot of posts into one massive feature.  This is another such sampling from all over Los Angeles.  Click the jump for 20+ more pics of art around LA.

^Kicking things off with an Este bomb riding on Melrose with Icy & Sot and JR.

^Relax, Soap and ? curbside tags.

 ^The Human Google Maps from Memo

 ^Crazy animal sticker showing up around Melrose.

 ^Rooftop graffiti from Goomc(?)
^Stogz shutters

^Sickid and Bankrupt Slut at Melrose and Fairfax.

^Rooftop action from Poetic/Poetic on Melrose.

^FDS rooftop graffiti.

Light bulb character next to a CBS mural.

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