Monday, June 24, 2013

Chod Gets a Taste of His Own Treatment . . . Kind Of

Months ago, Chod did one of the most uproarious things that has happened on the streets.  Chod visited a local gallery, purchased a $2,500 painting by Annie Preece, painted over it, and then returned it to the streets where it hung for a full day before being recovered by Annie herself.  It was a fascinating saga, and you can check out the original story HERE.

As Chod later explained in a rebuttal, the piece was done to explore "the ideas of what values we assign to objects and who specifically attaches value to them".  It is fascinating how $2500 cash--or really most any bulk material or product, however, that 'value' was failed to be recognized by everyone else on the streets.  The value of art is arbitrary, and it was a brazen and bold move on Chod's part to put his money where his idea was.  Chod has since continued to play with the idea of money with his art.

Well, today Chod got a taste of his own treatment . . . kind of.  Someone just released the above video on Youtube where Chod's painting was similarly purchased from a local gallery for a reported $1500, then completely painted over, and then also reportedly resold at the Melrose and Fairfax flea market for $150.

The video says that the pieces are 'art born of the same canvas', but it is not clear what the point of this takeover is.  After all, Chod's painting was completely painted over so that by selling the final piece, it only seems to say that the second image was not worth as much as the first.

M&F can confirm that Chod's painting was purchased, however, the video also implies that Chod might be somehow involved with this production.  In a rambling discourse, the description of the video on Youtube also suggests that M&F is involved in some sort of film conspiracy with Chod.  That is not true.  There is no conspiracy.  The art is what it is and we report it accordingly.  You are welcome to make up your own mind after that fact, but there is no film in the works and no image this blog is trying to put out in conjunction with Chod, or anyone else.

So what is the point of this?  Chod's seems like real art with a strong statement.  This seems like a waste of money to prove an unclear point?


  1. That comment would be a "little:" more acceptable if there were more than Three views on the video...

  2. Chod may have a point to question the value we attached to things, including art but surely there are better ways of doing this that will attract more high profile attention than the method he used, and similarly I see no value in this 'revenge' treatment on a piece of Chod's work.

    Society has enough high value targets to demonstrate the worthlessness of possession and current society like the banking system, capitalism, the cult of celebrity. Carrying out a publicity stunt using work of another artist devalues the opinion of the perpetrator along with the artist. If you wish to protest in a meaningful way think big. Attack the real culprits who make life revolve around things and shallow personalities.

    If you wish to create your own work which carries a message surely that is the way to get your opinion over?

    Many artist spend great time and skill to put their work out there, we don't expect everyone to like our work and agree with the message we send. But the community has to be built and maintained with a level of mutual respect for other artists and their work.

    I've had a few of my pieces hit, by what I consider to be pointless 'collaborations', they certainly didn't add to my artwork in my eyes or the eye of those I spoke to.

    If artists work gets hit too often they just wont post anymore...and the street art of LA will be worse off for it.

    Plastic Jesus

    1. Best idea is to make real banksy-eque (or Obey-ish) images that tackle relevant current events. Include add a tad of satire or just do something really scathing, that's obvious to the issue. It worked for your predecessors, why change the recipe?

  3. sounds like 2 tards just blew a ton of cash to prove some made up point to the few people that care... can't believe this is the crap your writing about.

    can't believe i even read the damn thing

    fuck CHODE

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ More relevant and informing than any of this since the beginning of it. Clapping hands.