Thursday, June 27, 2013

Drive By Los Angeles

Shots from all over Los Angeles.  From the Malibu coast to Melrose.  Parking lots and hot spots.

Couches, stickers, wheat pastes and throwies.  Click the jump for another huge feature of assorted pics from all of LA!

^Above, the Great Wall of Topanga

^Grocery cart tag from ER.

^Construction graffiti throwie

^Tags in the bush

^half buffed graff battle in Hollywood.

^Tagged couch from Vyal and Buffy.

^Arson, Hamok, Broke, Mistro, Newt and ?

^Uprise wheat paste

^Byson ANF bomb in the Valley.

^Stuck up.
^Shot of the Valley from the Hills

^BR tag in Malibu

^Tags from Tokem, Clues and more

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