Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Get Up, Stay Up! (Dig This Street Art~)

A very cool piece of street art spotted on Sunset Blvd.

This one piece appears to be composed of many separate layers of paper, some of which were overlapped and others torn, giving it great texture.

Most of the poster is done in gradient black and white, except for the red jacket that the girl is wearing and her eyeballs, which are eerily realistic.

This piece is greatly aged, it seems that some of it was done in advance and some has occurred on the streets.

Finally, the entire piece is placed in an engaging spot on the street where it interacts well with the environment and surroundings.

Dig it.  Not sure who this piece is from?  But look forward to more work like this on the streets.

Stay up!

***UPDATE: This piece is from Ben Slow.  Big thanks to Bill for the detective work!***

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