Thursday, July 4, 2013

The NSA - Street Camera Spying Edition

Teacher and Plastic Jesus just collaborated on an amazing new street art installation aimed at the NSA's recent spying scandals.   This piece features HUGE NSA cameras aimed at the people walking on the sidewalk.  and a big arrow saying 'You Are Here'.

Dig this piece on many levels.  Great message and impressive execution.

Stay up! (but remember--the NSA is spying on you!)

1 comment:

  1. Damn! Crazy cool guys! Liking all this installation stuff lately.

    Does it really surprise anyone that people are watching and listening and recording? I mean, didnt we all kinda figure that was going on anyway?

    I'm all for privacy but I also can't stop thinking about....if they're watching and listening, which apparently they are....then why the fuck aren't they doing anything to stop bad stuff or help people? I'm all for watching as long as the people watching give some sort of fuck. Too many crimes, too much abuse going on in our city and I just wish they cared about watching for the right things. Idk.