Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chod 100 Canvases Up in the Grove

Chod just launched a giant new project.  Yesterday, Chod placed 100 custom 2"x2" canvases around the Grove.  Each of the canvases bears a different unique phrase relating to the true nature of reality.

To document the efforts, and to serve as a catalog for those searching, Chod created a new web page which carries pictures of each and every canvas, along with each and every location.  Check out the new website HERE.

Dig it.  Another next level project from Chod.  Happy hunting and stay up!

I made 100 2"x2" canvases that all have a different phrase on them relating to the true nature of reality. I put all 100 of them in various places around the Grove yesterday at about noon.

A few of them were already missing when I went back to document them but I think most are still up.

I made the website to catalogue all 100 canvases and their placement.


  1. Hey chod looks great! Just curious are these your own quotes or you compiled a list of quotes you like pertaining to the subject? Or both?

    1. They're phrases I generated to illustrate realities that I feel most of society ignores or even disagrees with despite their truth. Some of the phrases have appeared in previous projects I've done but most are new for this project.