Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Michael Hastings Memorial - There Are The Ones Who Do See Me

This is the location where journalist Michael Hastings' Mercedes Benz crashed on Highland Avenue, just South of Melrose.  Hastings was reportedly traveling 75+ mph at the time of the accident--a crazy speed and more than twice the legal limit in this semi-residential stretch.

M&F was one of the first news organizations to report Hastings' accident, because LOUDLABS happened to be the first on the scene to capture the accident and the flaming vehicle wreckage.

Ever since the accident, conspiracy theories have abounded accusing dark governmental forces of taking control of Hastings' car and causing the accident.  The main theory is that the remote navigation system controlling Hastings' car was hacked, and that some shady government entity caused the car to travel at crazy speeds and then crash.  There have even been accusations made that Hastings' car was bombed, since the engine block was found 50 feet from the rest of the car and the accident site itself--which is extremely unusual.  The situation does have a foul stench to it like something is not right.  After all, the authorities claimed Hastings was identified by fingerprints, but the fireball in the car from the LOUDLABS video would appear to burn away any surface detail skin like fingerprints. There has been a push back against the theories, with sites like the LAWeekly have offered some lame excuses trying to denounce the theories. But the idiot's line of reasoning does not pan out, and what good is an article talking about conspiracy theories when you don't even mention the main theory?  As the LA Weekly article demonstrates, most reporters are imbeciles, and it is tragic to lose a true voice speaking up against power like Michael Hastings.   Bottom line, there have been plenty of suggestions of foul play, but so far, no proof of wrongdoing has been substantiated.  At the same time, the conspiracy theories have not been disproved.  And it is not a conspiracy when the alternative theories make more sense than the official explanation.

At the crash site itself, a memorial to Michael Hastings has popped up.  The tribute is made up of a patriotic American flag, flowers, and a poster that says  'There Are The Ones Who Do See Me'.

Thanks to Michael for his aggressive journalism.  There are definitely those who see you, and still do after your passing.

Its a shame Hastings had to pass so soon.  Stay up~

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