Thursday, August 29, 2013

San Fran Rolls Through Melrose

Some classic graffiti heads from the San Fran area recently rolled through Melrose.

MQ, Mike Giant wrtiting TRBL (assumably for the Tribal clothing company?), and Skid One DMS.

The graffiti bombs along Melrose stepped on some local toes along the way, painting over street art and graffiti.  Wonder if these names still carry weight and will be left alone?  Or if the spots will get claimed back quick?

***Big thanks to kells_bells1_ru for sending in the pics!***


  1. When these dudes go over you, consider it a compliment.

  2. The worst bubble letters I've ever seen. Mike Giant? Really? Sad to hear. Obviously better with a sharpie. These skidmarks need to stick to lifting weights.

    1. you obviously know nothing about bubble letters, stick to gluing posters with computer fonts and stickers with googled images.

    2. Why would Mike Giant write TRBL for TRIBAL clothing company? He is the owner of Rebel8 clothing.

  3. I get the feeling that it really was a poke as the last pic says..