Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CruArt - Street Art Interaction Caught in Action

Literally, right after M&F grabbed pictures of the previously posted spot on Melrose slammed with new art from Abcnt and a Keith Haring look alike, M&F cruised back by and happened to chance upon Carlos from CruArt caught right in the middle of some street art interactions.

What CruArt does on the streets is really impressive, and this has been one of our favorite chance encounters bumping into Carlos and getting to the chance to glimpse his street process.  The way that Carlos gets up for CruArts is special because it is unique in the way that the goal is not just to get up, but to seek out other street pieces to interact with.

Carlos calls these interactions 'transmittals' or 'collage-collabos', and each one is a product of the chance materials that he has on hand meeting with the streets.  When he interacts with another street piece, Carlos doesn't just put a CruArt sticker over the other piece, but he places his CruArt sticker in a way that dances with the original piece.  In order to make these pieces work, Carlos has to do his actual work on the streets.  Carlos sees each piece as a new challenge to integrate but not abrogate the work of others.  The end results are seriously impressive and unusual one-of-kind creations.

Dig it~

Click the jump to check out more action shots and close ups of CruArt's art transmittals.

Stay up!

^the current work in process

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