Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cruart x Haring - Gimme Your Dough You Meat Stick

Another part of CruArt's getting up, is that Carlos likes to attach titles to his pieces.  And this one Carlos calls 'Gimme Your Dough You Meat Stick '.

Dig how the hot dog/penis content matches with some familiar themes from Keith Haring's body of work, showing how CruArt's works on many levels.

Carlos pointed out that you don't have to like everything around you, but that it is important for artists to be aware of the conversations and art pieces that are going on around them.

Indeed.  Stay up, and give me your meat stick!


  1. #ReefHaring artist is #ReefKillsPop, @reefkillspop on instagram for more of his art. #LA

  2. .....you said meat stick....sweet!