Monday, August 19, 2013

Get Up, Stay Up! - All Over LA!

A huge combo feature with action from all over Los Angeles, from Venice to Downtown.

Click the jump to check out the huge feature!

 ^Sticker combo in Venice with Lalo graffiti, Seco, and more.

^Handstyle: Droce, Pabst, Argon, Edog.

Cult, AWK, SPV

 ^Mosk, Seco, Mekoer

 ^Huge combo with Lukas, Gaso, Mnkr, Epso, Jukes, Enik, OES, Mdmn, Vader and many more.

^Radar BM, Gee Funk, NRC, Mosk, Handicap

^Kiosk RTH

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