Monday, August 12, 2013

Inspired By Someone - Street Artists vs. Street Art Photographers

Hmm.  Interesting situation here.

Awhile ago, street artist Casio hit the sidewalks with a stencil saying 'Inspire Someone'.

Some time later, a photographer came along and took a photo of Casio's 'Inspire Someone' piece while wearing red shoes . . . aaaand standing right over Casio's name.

Then, the photographer printed out an 8.5x11 color print of the image, and at the bottom of the print are advertisements for the photographer's services, and a quote that is less about inspiring someone else as it is what inspired the photographer saying "When people ask what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes".

Eh, there has been a lot of recent tension recently concerning street art vs. street art photography.  After all, if a street art photographer takes a pic of a street art piece, who owns the rights, the artist or the photographer?

It's a tricky question with no clear answers.  For many, it may determine the side you are on if you are a street artist, or a street art photographer.

After spending so much time on the streets taking pictures, M&F's professional opinion is that if the photo is just a close up picture of the art, then the rights should probably belong to the street artist.  But if a street art photographer takes a picture that captures a scene, that is, adding more elements to the photo than any specific art piece itself, then those rights should belong to the street art photographer.  Once again, that's just our opinion, which is probably worth what was just paid for it.

As for this piece, it was a disappointment.  When it popped out, the image looked like art, with some inspiration added in.  But there is nothing inspiring about this advertisement.  As a street art lover, its disappointing to see a street art photographer take credit for a street artist's creation, and the ultimate unfortunate irony is that the photographer is doing so while standing over the actual artist's name.  Give credit where credit is due.  One is out there truly inspiring, and the other one is attempting to make money off of that inspiration.

Have respect.  And to all street artists and street art photographers, stay up!

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