Friday, September 6, 2013

Bandit Continues Southwest Tour

Bandit continues on his street art tour through the Southwest United States with a special focus on the Native American Reservations.

Bandit just visited and placed some art on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, as well as the Jemez reservation in New Mexico.

The above pic features an Apache warrior applying war paint to his face, and it is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

There are multiple spots from Bandit in this post.  And, as an extra bonus, this feature also includes some pictures of the local street art flavor of the area.  Bandit reports that there is a lot of art, but also a lot of police, and its a hot spot to get up!

Click the jump to check it all out.


^This is called a 'hogan' and it is a modified home that the Navajo's live in.

^more Bandit.

Someone's upset a mural got tagged over . . .

^Jimi Hendrix themed mural

 ^Cool paster
 ^Native American themed street art

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