Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2 Different Art Shows - Banksy Art Show October, Other Art Show November

The internet is still abuzz with rumors that Banksy's yet-to-be-announced art show is going to be in LA.

To be clear, there still has no official word from Banksy's camp as to what is happening in October, or where.

Meanwhile, on the streets of LA, pasters have been showing up announcing Banksy's art show as fact. As M&F stated yesterday, these 'Banksy October 2013' pasters are not from Banksy, or his team. Rather, the style and font used on the Banksy posters is the same as the art show posters that have been showing up around LA for the past month, hyping up a November art show.  There are two different art shows.  Both different posters can be seen on the box above.

Once again, the Banksy pasters are not official, but LA is still hopeful for Banksy!

***Pic from Jaygo off the Banksy Forums***

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