Sunday, October 13, 2013

Banksy Gets Re-Appropriated for Cooper College

The night after it went up, Banksy's Concrete Confessional got joined by some other artwork. There were a few seeminingly random pieces including a new beard on the priest, a stencil of a guy in a suit imitating Banksy's original style, and a reference to Banksy's 'The Musical' series.

Turns out that all of these pieces were part of a coordinated effort to re-appropriate Banksy's piece and bring attention to Cooper College losing its free tuition.  'Overandy' gives an explanation of the piece above.

It is a common tactic for graffiti and street artists to re-appropriate stuff on the streets, so this would seem to fit into that.  Although it seems a shame to alter such a beautiful Banksy, if there was a worthy cause, this seems like a good one and well played out.

Click the jump for full pics explaining the piece

 ^This is the new president.

^and this is the stencil of the same man.

 ^This is the original president.
^Which is why the beard and emblem were added to Banksy's Priest.

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