Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Banksy Gets Taken - Quality is Not Expensive Its Priceless

Well, this is the shortest lived Banksy yet, and it received a unique ending in New York out of all Banky's pieces so far.

Banksy's Philosopher's piece didn't get tagged over (like everything else), Banksy's Philosopher's piece got removed.

The property owner was faster than the haters this time, but in the end, the result is the same, the piece got removed from the streets.

This was genius but most folks seem to be missing the point.  This one was not about art or looking pretty. Banksy put the perfect statement at the perfect place for a reason.  He probably wanted this door to be taken.  After all, just like any sentence might sound profound after putting a dead philosopher's name at the end of it, any piece of random otherwise ignored graffiti becomes a priceless and celebrated gem, as soon as its discovered to be Banksy.

Hmmm.  And the shirt that the laborer is wearing while removing the door just seems to add another round of satire to the situation.  The dude's shirt says 'Quality is Not Expensive Its Priceless'.

As for the business aspect, since Banksy posted images of this door on his website and Instagram, does that mean that it has been authenticated?  It looks like the same door, but the writing is changed. . . .

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