Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Banksy Including Subtle Political Messages In His Art

There has been repeated imagery next to multiple Banksy pieces on the street.  Since one was on the truck, assuming the outside of the truck was curated by Banksy, then perhaps there is a Banksy that is being overlooked?

The image above showing a stencil of Al Wei Wei and asking 'Where is My Passport' was first spotted right next to Banksy's New York Accent piece.  And then, it showed up again on the side of Banksy's delivery truck.

Coincidence?  It seems not.  It is a bit curious why Banksy would do two pieces right next to each other and only reveal one?  But with the same image showing up multiple times, there is not doubt that Banksy is, on some level, trying to incorporate political messages into his art.

^The above pic shows the 'Where is My Passport' stencil on Banksy's Delivery Truck.

Below, the same stencil is also next to Banksy's New York Accent.

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  1. is it possible that it is just another persons tag getting up next to his piece?