Thursday, October 17, 2013

BanksyNY Twitter is a Fake

The @banksyny Twitter account is fake, and not from Banksy.  Not unless you believe Banksy is tweeting Rebecca Black lyrics, saying YOLO!, and posting rat pics like the one above.

The account has garnered over 23,500+ followers.  That's impressive, but not compared to the 164,000+ following the legit Banksy account on Instagram.

M&F was fooled at first and even reported this Twitter as being Banksy's.  Banksy made no official announcement, and it sprung up literally the same time as the IG account.

This scenario brings up the dangers of social media.  If you are famous, or even semi-famous, even if you lock down your handle at most social media sites, there will always be another one where someone will use your name.  And, like in this instance, possibly impersonate you.

***UPDATE: M&F wrote this article a few days ago, but with so much Banksy action happening on the streets, didn't get a chance to post it.  BanksyNY's Fake Twitter now has 30,000+ followers, while Banksy's legit IG account now has 198,000+.  Also, yesterday the NY Post confirmed through a Banksy spokesperson that the BanksyNY Twitter account is fake***

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