Friday, October 11, 2013

Banksy's Beaver Takes It To the Face!

Banksy's Beaver had a short but fascinating life span on the mean streets of East New York.

Yesterday, after realizing how much people wanted to see Banksy's Beaver, some local over-eager entrepreneurs started covering the Beaver and sign with cardboard, then charging people to view the piece.   The prices started at $5 and ended at $20 for a pic with Banksy's Beaver by the end of the night.

Can you believe the audacity of these dudes to charge money to see art!?  Crazy, right.  Those assholes. Who would do such a thing?  (cough, cough . . . kind of like a museum . . .)

The street vending of the viewing of a street art piece brought up many fascinating points, not just about paying to see art, but the status of inequality in America, and the sheer power of brute force exhibited on a city street corner.

Apparently, not everyone in East New York was thrilled by the commentary, or possibly the money making around Banksy's piece.  A day later, this morning, Banksy's Beaver woke up to a missing sign, a pock marked face, and a tag from Math saying 'We Don't Need More Rats'.  The piece was not vandalized or stolen, it was ruined.

The missing 'No Parking' sign also proves definitively that Banksy's Beaver was staged.

Another day in the life of Banksy's street pieces . . .

^This guy seems to be visiting all the Banksy pieces

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