Thursday, October 10, 2013

Banksy's Beaver is Staged?!

Oh man.  Earlier M&F posted this new Banksy piece and commented how great this placement is, even the attention to detail like the mound of debris for the Beaver to stand on.  The piece appeared to be a brilliant use of the natural environment.  However, it seems the set might have been staged . . .

New pics have just surfaced showing this location with no parking sign up against the wall.

It seems that the pile of debris not only was placed there for the Beaver to stand on.  The pile was placed there to stage the piece with the sign.

Interacting with the environment has always been one of the strongest attributes of Banksy's street art. But staging a photo to create a street scene is nowhere near authentic.

***Update - A newly released photo showing the full sidewalk shows where there is a legitimate 'No Parking' sign right in front of the fake Beaver one (shown below). ***

Dang.  Banksy's Beaver appears to be staged.

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  1. The sign would never be that close to the wall given the amount of sidewalk in front of it. But he'd obviously need a wall to paint the beaver on....... I'd prefer a staged piece that might last on a wall over one that he painted on the sidewalk that will fade quickly. Just saying.