Thursday, January 13, 2011

A.S.V.P. - Down To Earth (and UP everywhere in beween!)

Down To Earth describes the A.S.V.P. strategy perfectly. In the past year, the street art collective ASVP has arguably gotten up more around the world-they have hit more spots in more big cities, than any one else on earth . . .

In 2010, the New York based ASVP travelled across the US and all around the world putting art on the streets. As far as the US goes, ASVP is riding from San Francisco, to Detroit, to Cleveland, to the entire East Coast. Globally, their art is up in London, Hong Kong, Switzerland, India, Italy, and a handful more spots we couldn't remember.

And when ASVP rolls through a place, it is not just one piece, or even a handful of pieces. ASVP smashes each city they visit, and they tore things up while coming through LA.

In addition to being prolific, ASVP also puts out quality imagery. Each piece is silk screened by hand, which is especially impressive because of the many layers of color and the sheer size of some prints. We love the aesthetic, and love having ASVP on the streets of Los Angeles~

^ASVP 'The Mask' print above a dumpster with a Supreme paster.

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