Friday, March 11, 2011

Mr. Brainwash Leaves His Mark On Los Angeles

Mr. Brainwash mentioned in Exit Through the Gift Shop how the first pieces of street art he put up were clear stickers. He liked the clear stickers because it looked like a stencil on the surface. This is one of those stickers, and even though the sticker itself has been ripped off, the 'stencil' part still remains. Click the jump below for more

Very cool how the effect still carries the image, even after the sticker itself is gone.

Even though Mr. Brainwash hasn't been putting much street art on the streets lately, his art has still left a mark in Los Angeles.


  1. least that was an original piece unlike his Run-DMC copy...

  2. Everyone copies everyone. LA's very own "Alec" im sure found this link helpful....

  3. ^^To an extent, there still needs to be some identity of originality in one's work. MBW has no originality