Friday, April 8, 2011

Dface Hits Melrose and Fairfax

Dface gets up, right at the corner of MELROSEandFAIRFAX.

Dface puts up one of his signature pieces right at the corner of Melrose and Fairfax.

It might just be a coincidence, but with a city wide open with potential walls, we like to think that this was placed at this spot on purpose.

Indeed, it seems that leaving street art at the corners of Melrose and Fairfax has become quite fashionable with visiting street artists. A few weeks ago, we know that Olek left a crocheted tricycle on purpose as a tribute to the blog. That was awesome. And this Dface piece is big time! We have been following his work for years, love covering it on the blog, and always find it a special treat when we come up on some Dface art in LA, whether its big mural walls, or stickers up top (Dface is always up top).

This is the first piece of street art that we have seen from Dface from his most recent trip through LA. And with his show, 'Going Nowhere Fast' opening this weekend at the Carmichael Gallery, we hope to see more of LA get Dfaced~


  1. his installation in hollywood is genius

  2. Swift gets DFACED!

  3. I like his stuff but I wish he hadn't partially capped Swift. His stuff is so good it really shouldn't be messed with.

  4. Dface shits pretty tight. I dont think he meant any disrespect.

    This wall seems to be another wall where the owners selectively buffs some pieces. Swift's piece has been riding here for at least 4 months and had survived two full buffs where the owner painted around it. Sometime over the last few weeks that ugly kung fu guy and a piece from Common Cents popped up. You can now see that the Common Cent piece (just to the right) has been painted over and Swift/kung fu dude where left alone.

    It's crazy how street art is now sort of being accepted.

  5. Just clarification: D*Face is showing at Corey Helford Gallery, while Martha Cooper is showing at the Carmichael Gallery. Both shows jump of tonight.