Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mr. Brainwash-"This is Street Art Woodstock"

Woodstock for the Street Art Generation~

When M&F made a return visit to 'Art Show 2011', Mr. Brainwash gave us a tour around the place to see all of the new art and how the building had filled in. It really was amazing to see all the work--the amount is kind of like MOCA, but instead of neatly displayed exhibits, 'Art Show 2011' is more like the true art on the streets and every little spot is filled with an image, or a tag, or a paster, or a picture of some sort. Since the building is so full of nooks and crannies, just finding the art and discovering a new piece is like a treasure hunt. The level of art is impressive in its own right, and Mr. Brainwash mentioned how impressed he was by the community art.

As we walked downstairs, Mr. Brainwash motioned his arm across the 20,000 square feet covered in art and the dozens of busy artists and said "This is like Woodstock, a street art Woodstock". And, you know, he is right.

Woodstock was so profound not just because it was a big music festival, but because it was one of the first, and it happened organically, and, perhaps most importantly, the timing was ripe for that moment in society. And, a similar 'perfect storm' has formed around MBW's 'Art Show 2011'.

Los Angeles is arguably the hottest spot in the world for street art right now, as demonstrated by the success of this blog being ranked #1 in the USA and #2 worldwide, even though we only focus on one city. Mr. Brainwash told us a while ago, "When I started doing art, people used to say 'Oh you are from LA--its a place without culture so who cares!' But now when I tell them where I am from they say 'Oh! LA! That is where it is all happening!'" Its true. LA is blowing up with literally hundreds of active street and graffiti artists. And murals are technically illegal, still Los Angeles is earning a reputation for the 'mural capital of the world'. There is a feverish energy on the streets, and Mr. Brainwash's 'Art Show 2011' came at the perfect time to capitalize on that.

'Art Show 2011' has been a free-for-all and a playground for artists of all skill levels, age, and experience. It has motivated many people to create and post art for the first time, it has given folks the opportunity to display art with someone who many people view as a hero. There have been no problems, no fights, and only once instance of blatant going over that we know of in the entire time the gallery has been open (which we understand will be handled--peacefully). And, we have never seen so many of LA's top street artists in the same place at once. This truly has been an awesome and unique experience. It is the 'Street Art Woodstock'.

And . . . its not over yet! If you want to be part of Mr. Brainwash's 'Art Show 2011' and live in Los Angeles, it is not too late. Due to the extreme popularity of the event, Mr. Brainwash has extended the hours, and the space will be open one final day, Sunday October 16th from 11AM-10PM, so come experience 'Street Art Woodstock and share your art!


  1. yeah ill be rocking something huge there real soon
    mr cope2!!!

  2. To tell you the truth..I think its just a ploy for MR brainwasher to "bite" and steal from the artists who post their work..I would'nt doubt if he steals images from this so called "Show" months from now. It sounds like a cool thing but this guy is just using all these other artists to make himself more popular...I'm not falling for his tricks and you won't see my shit posted up in here like it's some holy grail of a location..THE STREETS is where you see my work....this show is NO BIG DEAL...all you artists out there beware of MR BRAINFREEZE...he WILL STEAL YOUR ART AND YOUR IDEAS AND TAKE OFF WITH IT AND CALL IT HIS OWN...PEACE OUT TO ALL MY REAL ARTISTS OUT THERE!!quit jockin this dude already..

  3. to AIW, i think you might be wrong about this show being no big deal. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrong.... it became an unprecedented social gathering of street artists here in la, that already makes it a big deal. it was such a peaceful place i was so inspired and encouraged, it is one of the best experiences i've ever had with art - many other artists feel the same .... and fine let him steal our ideas - i came up with a few while i was there - can't wait to produce them! and if you can't come up with any more ideas you suck. ideas are like assholes, there will always be plenty of them, like you. =)

  4. I can't wait to go back and add more stuff on Sunday! Imma Troll the shit out of it!

    BTW, I see both sides of the coin. It is a way for him to get a free set design which adds legitimacy to his work. There is NO PRICE TAG that would cover what We all did for him.

    The other side is that it did bring people together. For instance, I chilled with the cat Brutal and he was super chill. Also helped a first time chick put down a wheat paste.

    As long as WE know the truth, we can stand proud of our work.

  5. It would be an Honor to have him bite a piece! Most people know he bites, it's kinda hid shtick. Anonymous is right, we are artist and can make more. You can steal from the streets just as easy. He's smart, he brought the streets to him and doesn't have to look far.

    It was a super fun time there. What he's doing is great thing and time. Super nice guy too. You can't even feel it as he's bending you over!


  6. just like woodstock this art show appears to be a HOT MESS!

  7. * it's kinda HIS shtick
    * What he's doing is A great thing and time.

    it's not that easy typing as you drive


  8. Mr Brainwash is a fucking toy and I can't wait to see the end of the posts about him!