Saturday, January 21, 2012

Beware of MBW Scammers on Ebay

When people have pics of an actual item being signed, it helps substantiate that the item is authentic. In fact, we would suggest never buying a signed item without it. There is a big red flag when certain ebay members have multiple MBW items listed, and no pictures of the actual item being signed. There is a very suspect seller on ebay named 'kittyandcharlie' who are pushing many signed items for sale, which, in our humble opinion, seem very suspect.

Let us just say that is seems highly unusual and unlikely that someone who brought multiple items to get signed and later sell would not take any pictures, except, in one case where they have a generic picture of a different item being signed--a Muhammad Ali poster--and the picture could have originated from anywhere. Furthermore, a COA issued by the same Ebay seller who describes getting the item at MBW's 'Instillation' (not installation) does not seem to bode well for authenticity.

The prices of items almost price themselves out of any reasonable market, even if it were authentic Brainwash. But if you do want a piece of Brainwash, make sure that what you are getting actually is a piece of Brainwash. Beware of scammers and do not get stuck with a $200 Hello Kitty doll or a $500 chunk of cement.

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