Thursday, June 21, 2012

Popping Up Like Maggots

Maggot gets up on a rooftop on Melrose.  Cool character from Maggot featuring an old man in a woman's bathing suit.  Dig it.

Maggot's piece actually goes over a huge graffiti bomb from Oyen.   Unfortunate that it goes over Oyen's piece, which is a dope piece of graff.  We have heard that it was not intentional.

Syen's piece also went over a large Obey paster originally, and thus goes the ever changing ways of the streets.

Also up with Pork.

***Edit--the massive rooftop graffiti piece is by Syen***


  1. That's actually Syen KOG LTS, and I'm petty sure hes not too happy with this.


  3. bad move maggot

  4. Bad move is right. Syen, I could not even begin to see or paint like you do. I meant absolutely no disrespect. The excitement of my 1st time on a rooftop impaired my better senses and heightened my already fluid stupidity. I am happy to climb up there with a wet squeegee and scrape my shit off your piece. I did not get into this for drama, or to have trouble with anyone. A sincere apology from a place of understanding and respect.


  5. You kids can't even keep your rooms clean and then it spills out onto the street. Let me get this straight. Syen spot jocks/caps Obey and then expects respect from others like Maggot? Karma is a bitch!

  6. A legitimate cap goes over everything!! just like Syen did on obey!! thats justifiable and allowable in the streets. But what Maggot did is just disrespect. Syen must have spent a good 20mns painting his bomb and adding the details... great apology Maggot, lets just hope Syen accepts it!! time be more strategic with your placements.

    1. According to Section II paragraph C of the Street Art Rule Book:

      "If one can tell what the piece is below a 'potential' cap, then it will not be deemed a legal cap"

      - How do you know Syen capped Obey? Is it because you can still see the Obey piece?

      According to the book of Moral and Ethical Conduct - Chapter 8 page 113, about 1/4 through the 3rd paragraph:

      "Respect and disrespect are forms of intent. Without intention neither of these are possible"

      -Didn't Maggot say he/she was stupid? Seems as there was no real intent, therefore no disrespect. Just stupidity.

      I am not an artist of any sort, just a street art enthusiast. What gets me is the negative energy so many of you "artists" take time to put out there. I can not imagine how much more you all could create without the need to be assholes. This whole thing is a great example. Two great artists who might slow down positive growth because they are too busy bickering and capping each other.

      Syen, check your ego and take the apology. The truth of the matter is, both pieces look good by themselves. Both pieces together, look even better. Looks like an accidental collaboration that is getting both artists more attention than they would have received alone. Shit, you guys should intentionally work together.

      Make Art or spread hate. I guess it's your choice.

      ~Frank M