Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thank You for Supporting the Arts, Er Ads, Um Art?

New posters on Melrose saying 'Do Not Remove!  Thank You for Supporting the Arts!'

Its a nice idea, and the posters are very artistic.  They are for Seventh Letter which is the clothing line and business arm rooted in LA big time graffiti crew, AWR.  And we believe Division is also a clothing line, which makes these artistic posters more advertisements than pure art.

But the posters are very artistic, and the companies are composed of artists.  There does seem to be a big difference between corporations that are using the streets for pure advertising versus companies that are rooted in the streets.   Clearly, some companies are active in the streets, and M&F has enjoyed many such campaigns, especially when they respect the streets and artists while getting up.  What do people think?   Art or ads?  Or artful ads?  What is the role of this on the streets? 


  1. At what point is it an ad? Even artists are selling art and the streets are often a vehicle to eventually sell art. What I don't see is a statement here. I guess that is what is lacking in this piece. Art should be a means of expression in my opinion. I am just not getting this one.

  2. yeah seventh letter lost some respect from me cuz they seem to support MR BRAINFART....FUCK HIM THAT DOUCHEBAG!

  3. Why are You asking what people think? You guys at m&f and BS, no disrespect intended in any form or fashion, do the same thing.

    M&f, which I respect and love, uses this website and it's power to promote their own band and brand.

    So tell us what YOU think...or maybe you just did. Idk.

    Either way....I guess it's good to get the conversation started....just seemed strange being written by you guys considering the methods you use to promote your shenanigans.

    Regardless, BS gets up like crazy and that's awesome so whatever. Really. I hope everyone who wants to get rich, does. And everyone who wants to not get rich, well, don't. If you want fame, I hope you get it. If you want street cred, I hope you get that Also.

    I love street art and I hope you all get exactly what you are aiming for.

    1. what has m&f ever tried to sell you? or BS?

      who cares if m&f posts his band on the blog.

    2. I thought Bankrupt Slut the band and the art are different?

    3. No they are the same

  4. imma just put this here... (Conversation continuer FeKlAr)

  5. I do like the Graphics you guys put up. It is all good and a hell of a lot better than those ugly utility boxes the phone company litters our streets with. Division, great graphics. I just think that street art is best when it says something other than don't remove. Like Freehumanity says, See the beauty in the simple things. Keep it up.