Monday, June 25, 2012

Snyder Presents: Doodle's Umbrella

Come participate with street art and win an original painting!

Snyder is always doing some fascinating things engaging people with his art, and pushing how people interact with the art on the streets.  Snyder's lates project is entitled 'Doodle's Umbrella', it is possibly our favorite piece from Snyder in LA.

Read below for instructions on how to participate with Doodle's Umbrella.  The winner gets a free original painting of the piece from Snyder!

Doodle's Umbrella

Snyder has implemented his 4th drip and paste installation titled 'Doodle's Umbrella' and will be giving away an original painting of the design to one lucky person. To enter the contest, follow the below listed steps. One winner will be randomly chosen and announced at a future undetermined date.

1. Visit Snyder's most recent drip and paste installation located at Majestic Flowers on Fairfax in West Hollywood.
2. Enter the flower shop and ask to use the drip painted 'omnipresent art' water can.
3. Have someone take a photo of you watering the flowers on the top of Doodle's umbrella. A photo of your hand, the can and the flowers will do if you are unable to find someone to take the photo.
4. Submit the photo to Snyder via one of the below options:

• INSTAGRAM: @snyderart

***Thanks to Snyder for the pictures***

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  1. This is why Synder is so awesome!! Interactive with the public and just a good, kind person all around. Not to mention his art is positive, creative and fun!