Friday, June 22, 2012

Snyder WANTS You To Interact with This Art - New Contest!

Snyder wants interaction, and he is buffing Bankrupt Slut (and more!).

Snyder is getting set to launch a new project where he says it will be his first street art where the longevity of the piece relies on public interaction. And those who do have fun will also get the chance to win some art.

Snyder says, "this is a short video teaser announcing the date of my 4th drip and paste installation implementation on or around Melrose.  Those who know the area will recognize the sign. Those who don't will have to explore! Those who interact with the piece will be entered into a raffle. The winner will be chosen at an undetermined date and will be awarded an original hand painted canvas of the design. Details on how to enter the raffle to come after the installation in completed."

Sounds like fun!  Check out this video to see an awesome look into Snyder's creative process.  And shout outs to Bankrupt Slut, Frisk, User and more who get buffed in the process.  Stay tuned for the full details on the contest!


  1. Where do I sign up? This is great! Free expression, scavenger hunts, masked villains, artwork, poetry on the streets of LA! Great stuff. This is what art is all about to me.

  2. LA is making me jealous. Carlsbad needs some more goods! Keep up the amazing work Snyder. You make me smile whether here in Cbad or in lala land. :)