Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jaber - In His Own Words

New video from Jaber!

Jaber just released a new video entitled 'In My Own Words', but interesting enough, not his own dialect.  The video showcases a slice of Jaber's incredible ways and means of getting up with the artist narrating.

Jaber discusses the inspirations behind his iconic White Ninja head character, whether or not that is indeed him (it is!), and how long it takes him to get up a graffiti bomb.

Mad respect for Jaber, the way that he gets up, and his approach towards the streets.

Check it out, and get some head~


  1. RULE #1!!! BROKEN. It looks like right around 5:20 Jaber did a cover up on top of some gang banger writing. Not sure how it is where he's from or outside California but in Cali? hmmm man that's a bad idea right there. Stay up peeps but stay safe and don't do nothing stupid.

  2. out lines go over tags, fills go over outlines,burners over fills and productions over burners.

    and faggots stay on line bitching.

  3. this is a dope video. I wish I could see more letters gothic from him