Monday, January 14, 2013

Alec Monopolizing Melrose

Alec Monopoly is back in Los Angeles, and he has been offered some walls on Melrose.

Alec painted this new Monopoly Man the day before, but then when it got tagged over the face with some blue paint, Alec returned to maintain his piece.

The dudes standing off to the side are Alec's friends/body guards.  Alec got threatened when he initially started painting this piece, and so he brought out some extra support just to make sure everything remained cool.

Alec has his style down and he wore a giant fur coat while painting on a cold day in Los Angeles.  Click the jump for more!


  1. hes gonna have to come back alot cuz I guarantee this will get no love from the local graf contingent-all that white space to tag in-plus
    white filled throw ups are too easy with all the existing white-wont take long at all. its a self governed sub culture here and thats why its fun observe whats to come with this. lol...

  2. I saw him painting this on Saturday. There was a hand-drawn sign next to it saying "Please do not paint over this art ~Puzzle Zoo". Shame that someone would cap on it.

  3. lame shit deserves CAPS-thats not street art-thats just a copy of someones elses design from Parker Bros.COPY PASTE-COPY PASTE-not interesting whatsoever.
    please go away little trust fund poser-bak to Malibu please.