Saturday, January 19, 2013

"I'm Looking at the Lady Behind You Peeing"

Never know what you're gonna see on the streets.

As M&F came around the corner of this street art spot on Melrose, we noticed a trickle of liquid rolling down from the alley way towards the street.  When we looked up, we saw this woman squatting down taking a piss in the alley way.

We thought this moment was fascinating for many reasons.  First of all, the spot is right out in the open, and there are more discreet options around, even if you are choosing to pee outside.  But, more importantly, street art and graffiti often get compared to the primal act of pissing to mark territory.  Well, here is someone on the streets actually marking territory with piss.

So we took our camera out to document this moment, when the guy presiding over the woman peeing turned towards us aggressively and demanded "Hey!  What are you looking at!?"

The truth is usually the best option, so M&F told him "I'm looking at the lady behind you peeing."

The guy smiled and laughed and said with a semi-toothless grin "Hope you got some good pictures!"

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