Thursday, March 14, 2013

Alec Monopoly Art Show - Park Place

Alec Monopoly is will be showing at his first art show in Los Angeles in years, and we believe this is Alec's first solo show in the city where Alec rose to fame.

Alec's art show is entitled 'Park Place' and it will employ some unusual features such as listing the prices for items as Monopoly Money instead of real money, and then the price of the Monopoly money is .  For instance, the press release states that 'The artist plans to sell one of his popular paintings for $3 million in MONOPOLY money, which equates to 146 classic MONOPOLY board games that come currently stocked with $20,580 in MONOPOLY money'.  

Alec will also be performing a live painting of actor Adrien Brody's 1964 Pontiac Catalina.  Adrien Brody has been a long time supporter of Alec's art, and purchased one of Alec's paintings from Art Basel 2011 for $20,000.

After climbing from the rooftops in Los Angeles to the gallery shows around the world.  It is good to have Alec back in Los Angeles.  Some people are questioning why, after showcasing his art around the world at glamourous institutions like Alec's Madonna tour with the upscale 'W' hotel chain, some people are questioning why Alec's homecoming is being held at LabArt, but for those wanting to attend  Alec Monopoly's Park Place opens tonight, March 14th from 7-11PM.


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