Saturday, May 4, 2013

Still Rockin' Like Dick Metal!

This mural wall in Orlando, Florida had some of the best turnover for art while M&F used to live here.  The art seemed to change almost weekly, and M&F used to go out of our way to try and swing by and capture pics of the changing art.

This was before digital cameras, back when you had to take the roll of film to the drugstore to get developed.  It was before we had any intention of ever doing something with the pics themselves.  We just dug the art, and even from an early stage, felt a duty to document the art before its gone.

Good to see that this spot is still rockin out.  As the tag on the gas masked character says, like Dick Metal!

Pieces from Chris Tobar, Mr. Smet from the Envy Us Crew, Klues(?) and Tner(?).

Dig it.  Stay up!~

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