Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Drive-By Graffiti

Drive by graffiti and street art pics from all over Los Angeles.

From the Valley to Hollywood to your Mom's house.  Click the jump for more.

^Dirt Cobain canvas above the 101.

^Ekay graffiti in the Valley

^A street concert with the dude playing guitar, and the guy to the right is putting away a trumpet.

Also notice the slap from Wheat Peace still riding for years on the pole to the left.

^Bankrupt Slut in Hollywood on Highland.

^Peeling freeway paster.

 ^Valley bombs above Gold's Gym.
 ^Valley rooftop freeway bombs from Sogen, USC, WL and IHS.

^Rooftop graffiti from Ruer, Beaster and F8.

 ^more bombs for your mom

^RC and Bream?
^CU in Hollywood.

^Hot spot for 22 graffiti on this tower along the 170.

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