Sunday, July 14, 2013

Teacher's Impressive Legal Wall (pt. 2)

A second round of Teacher's impressive legal wall on Melrose, complete with finished pics.

Dig the work, and the concept.

Check out more pics, with a cameo-appearance from Snyder who also helped execute this impressive installation.

Stay up!


  1. Not bad. Would have been more "impressive" if he did it without help. Prolly getting too old.

  2. yes i am getting a bit old, but this piece i actually did do without help - mainly because when Eddie asked me to do it, i figured that even if i made the piece contoured so as not to touch the MSK pieces, there was still a chance they wouldn't like it and if they come after me, i didn't want anyone else in the wake. i would be very happy if someone got up above or next to a piece i've done, but then again i'm an old man and all this is bullshit compared to what i deal with in the world.


  3. No wonder. Reminds me of a Barnes and Nobles poster, or maybe I saw it at Border Books.. Shows your age. Hard to see those posters on a kindle.

    1. i would say its way more than just a kindle. the MSK pieces are some of the best graffiti i've ever seen. but that wall has so many pasters on it that it will always crack and peel really bad about every month depending on weather no matter what you do to it. if you try to scrap them all off to get a good surface you will damage the building because the layers are so thick. i will never get up near you guys again, but please, if you're going to do such incredible artwork do it on a wall where it will last for decades.