Sunday, August 4, 2013

God is an Asshole, and Weirdos are Everywhere

This dude walked up on M&F as we were taking pictures.  He wanted to tell us how graffiti is ruining this city and how God is what makes LA great.

M&F listened to what the dude had to say, and then gave him our viewpoint.  God is an asshole, and street art and graffiti are what make a vibrant urban area like LA special.  If you don't like the urban elements, you can move to the suburbs in Anywhere, USA.

Not that this dude was convinced, but after hearing our viewpoint the guy did change tactics and point to the wall and mention how he does like Fonze.  Once people look at street art, even weirdo haters can appreciate.

Anyways, there are weirdos everywhere in Los Angeles.  Its another element of living in a busy urban environment.  But check out the wierdos in the pics below.  In this piece from TBD, life seems to be going on as normal, except there is one dude who is strangely garbage diving.

Check out the pics of more weirdoes in LA below:

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