Thursday, August 1, 2013

You Can Wash It Away, But the Blood Stain Remains

The government seems to be doing what it can to stifle the dissent from the community concerning the Trayvon Martin murder.

Like here.  This spot on Melrose had a piece of street art from Plastic Jesus showing bloody Skittles--the candy that the 14 year old was buying before getting gunned down by George Zimmerman.

It is worth mentioning that different pasters, even one with a penis on it, have ridden for weeks if not months.  Perhaps it was the bad random luck, but since the Trayvon Skittles got buffed literally days after going up, it does seem like the city is trying to stifle any obvious Trayvon fueled dissent.

Funny how even though the bag of Skittles got buffed, still the blood stain remains.

America has not forgotten and will not forget.  Repeal Stand Your Ground laws so that Trayvon's murder can lead to making this world better.

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