Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Graffiti Your Own Home Sweet Home

First of all, its worth pointing out that this blog visits every corner and alley way of this tremendous city of Los Angeles.  M&F's coverage of LA is so all-encompassing, that sometimes we even catch some residential graffiti riding in the suburbs.

Like here.  At a random neighborhood spot in the San Fernando Valley, there is some heart shaped graffiti riding on the front of an otherwise normal looking house.  It kind of looked like a tag left as a token of love from some amorous teenager, so M&F started snapping photos of the house to document it.

The owner noticed that someone was taking photos of their house, and so Mrs. popped her head out the front door to see what was happening.  The lady told M&F that her house had not been tagged, but that she and her husband had painted the heart on their home 9 years ago themselves to honor the couple's anniversary.

When you hear the background story like this, all of a sudden the elementary piece becomes awesome.  Its not about the skill, its about what the piece means.  And this loving couple used graffiti to signify their love on their own home sweet home.  That's pretty awesome.

Dig it.  Stay up!

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