Thursday, September 5, 2013

Its Official! Murals Now Legal in LA

Its been a long time coming . . . years actually . . . but it is finally official . . . . Murals are now legal in Los Angeles!

Yesterday, the LA City Council voted 12-3 to allow art murals again in the city of angels.

There are restrictions on the new murals.  There will be a process for registering the murals, fees starting at $60, and restrictions on the size and location of the artwork.  Murals are still not permitted on private homes.

There is a lot of talk about LA reclaiming its status as 'mural capitol of the world'.  Indeed.  It will be great to get more art on the streets, but even with the regulations, LA has already defined itself as one of the premier public art destinations in the world.

But congrats to LA's City Council for taking a big step forward to bring even more art to Los Angeles.

Stay up!

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